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Nan - city scape
Wish-granting is not as glorious job as it may seem. I had once had a single desire, an all-pushing will to escape. Perhaps this derived my nature, or was derived by my nature. Either way, it does not matter. Because I can related to these poor wishers does make me more able to do my job, but it would be very wrong to say that is the reason for it. It would be foolish and arrogant, above all else. It is my nature to grant wishes. Not like a genie, but like Clotho. As she weaves the tapestry of life, she sees the wants and wishes of the person. Some achieve their dreams, and others don't. It does not matter if they are a good or bad person, if they have killed or saved lives. Just like it does not matter to me if essentially good people are left to struggle as I help a so-labeled villain.

Who is not so much the point. What, and how are. Wishing for a pony and wishing for a second chance are very different. I have found the more ambiguous and cliche a wish, the more potential it has. There is, also, the matter of how you wish it. Idly, without much heart and thought will not do. A person who fantasizes killing their father every day is more likely to achieve it, after all. So, with all your fiber of existence must you wish.

With those credentials, many worthy people are able to have their wishes granted. Pity. Still, it takes a certain person to wish this way. I have encountered the types many a times, but they lack environments that confine them to come to such hopeless desperation. Where they cannot achieve the ends themselves. So it is rare that I do get to grant wishes. This makes the opportunity a bit fun, I admit. It's refreshing to alter the tapestry, though it is not truly disturbed. Sometimes I wonder if my sisters have wishes, but if they had I would not want to grant them. Still, there is hard work to fulfilling wishes. I cannot wave a wand. The few times I have gotten to grant wishes, I've often had to risk my neck. So it is not all-fun. But the reward is worth it, of course. Always is, if anyone asks. Wishes are expensive buggers, too. I make a fortune on the few I do make.

There's always catches, a wise man once said. Even in your dreams.


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