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Nan - Void
The void is a vile place. It is infested with beasts far worse than the Lords of Hell. This is no poetry, no exaggeration. Nightmares are birthed here, from its pure emptiness. It is a land both subtle and harsh, a mistress of cruelty both endless and quick. The Void is where I was birthed, and for most of my existence a place I hated and avoided. It is cold enough to freeze fire, the sky and land a unison of black, a perfect marriage of dark.

Travelers who enter often think this some comical form of Hell. It is not. It lays beyond Hell, above the Dreamrealm and within its folds. They know, upon meeting a monster of the Void, what a mistake they had made. No Hell can make things so ugly, yet desirable. Filled with rage and destruction, few appear as their true nature bids, and this is the reality of the Void. All of it is just a facade to lull you within its truth. There are, ultimately, two ways to escape the Void. The first is a well-known secret. If you just tell it that you want to go, but will return - and mean your words - it will let you out and into the Dreamrealm. The other is to find a rift, or doorway. These are floating, unnatural yet often-occurring holes within the Void's time-space fabric. They often open into other realms or worlds. One even opened back up into the Void.

The problem with rifts is not their undetermined location, but that they move within the Void. A portal to Hell may last seconds or years, and even if it lasts longer, there is no promise it won't float off. The Void is very inconvenient to travelers and residents alike.

But I have been gone from it a while. Sometimes, I honestly miss it. Never would I live there again, of course, but it is nice to visit my childhood home. To be nostalgic, if I feel like being so.


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