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Nan - white hair
When one is as old as I, one has a tendency to accumulate knowledge as grandmothers accumulate socks. It is essential, really, in order to live. The longer you have something, the more likely it is to be broken, even your existence. While one could be paranoid and ready at all times, it is far healthier if one is merely aware of potential danger before danger arrives. In order to do this, on must either have an acute foresight, or extremely capable connections. So, as I am not gifted in foresight, and I have no want for insanity -a disease that many my age fall into- I chose knowledge. It, consequently, makes for a fun hobby.

Earlier, I mentioned wishes were expensive, and I had grown wealthy by them. This is not in gold, I'm afraid. Life-times of giving me information is the average price, and the wishers generally answer. Of course they do. Knowledge to them seems too little for their dream. People, such as in the Void, rage wars that out last stars for a single droplet of information. It is a currency with no equivalent there, able to save or damn. On most worlds, if you smile and speak their tongue, they will spill their guts. It is sickening how unfair the trade is. Very few but in the Void play the game of words and truth correctly.

Not even my most recent wisher, Phalanx, understands this need. He hails from Hell, so it is natural for him not to. However, it is sad to see yet another soul fall into my contract. I have given him skies -something he actually could have achieved- in part for information that will one day save not only me, but my sisters as well. Oh, if only he knew that I granted his wish by relation instead of the tapestry. But, it is a game I play. I feel no guilt, however, as both he and I got our wishes. My game was too easy, so I fear the near future. This, however, won't stop me from collection. Never will I stop. Even Troy is deployed for this end. My poor protege, being used for such wealth and not seeing a wink.


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